2020 China Brand Online Fair
Infant and baby bib (1-6 Years)

Infant and baby bib (1-6 Years)

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Exhibit parameters

  • Exhibit code:SN007511
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  • Place of delivery:China--
  • Raw material production place:China--
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Details of exhibits


1,Animals cartoon 3layers/6 layers 100% cotton of Jacquard fabric ,40S/2 Yarn,Thread count 128/114,Butterfly design Weft plain knitted hemming.

2,Printing of muslin 6 layers 100% cotton,40S/1 Yarn,Thread count 96/78, Weft plain knitted hemming.

3,Size 26*30CM, 30*36CM.

4. Medical grade cotton muslin is skin friendly,soft, comfortable and breathable.

5. It is a non rusty button design for infants to eat.

6. Printing of Weft plain knitted fabric/sold colour terry  fabric.

7.Bellyband of bottle gourd is New design